Making the Holiday Job Search Merry

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Making the Holiday Job Search Merry

Should you continue the search during the holiday season? You bet, and here’s why.

By Bob McIndoe

As we come dangerously close to the holiday season, one can almost sense the shift that takes place. With every wreath and decoration that goes up in storefront windows or coffee shops, we take one step closer to the relaxed, warm atmosphere of the holidays, when many of us get a well-earned opportunity to take a break and spend a little extra time with loved ones.

But you can probably guess what I’m going to say – the holiday season shouldn’t mark the end of resume season. In fact, the holidays can be a great opportunity to make some very strategic moves in your job hunt. I personally was hired for the best job of my career just before Christmas!

Of course, we would never suggest that you miss out on time with your family or the chance to rest, reflect and relax a bit with those people for whom you are most thankful. However, by maintaining just a few small, repeated efforts, you could take some critical steps toward crossing “a new job” off your holiday wishlist.

‘Tis the season for networking

For one thing, all those holiday parties, mixers and networking events you’ve been invited to? Attend. There are probably numerous people you haven’t seen all year who will be at these events, and it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with them. It should be pretty smooth and natural for you to mention your job search during small talk or when they ask what you’ve been up to – and who knows what opportunities they may share with you?

Opportunity might come a-caroling

Many of us mistakenly assume that the holiday season is a slow time when it comes to job postings and new opportunities. Schedules are winding down, most of us are probably avoiding the hubbub of changing jobs in the middle of the busy holiday season, and recruiters may be putting off those job postings until the New Year. Those assumptions are what lead many job searchers to wind down their applications significantly over the holiday period – but not you.

You never know whether a company had to make some staffing changes just in time for year-end; whether Sally made good on her New Year’s resolution to leave her director’s job and move to Tahiti; whether Jane just got budget approval for new headcount in January and she’s anxious to hire. By continuing your efforts, your resume may just find its way to the top of a (much smaller) pile – just in time for an unusually great opportunity.

Getting ahead of those resolutions

Further to that point, you should also consider the odds from a purely numerical standpoint. You know who’s sitting at home right now, not handing out resumes? Everyone else. You know who’s still pounding the pavement and getting resumes into the right hands? You. When you continue to put forth regular, consistent efforts – six resumes a day, or thirty a week – not only are you are building the foundation for success, but you’re also building good habits. When recruiters are hit with a rush of resumes during New Years’ Resolution season, yours will already be in their file. When Resolution season ends, you will still have those great habits and perseverance you built while everyone else was taking a break. And when the right opportunity comes up? You won’t be likely to miss it, because you were working for it all along. 

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