Summer’s finally here and it’s vacation time!

Summer’s finally here and it’s vacation time!

Vacations usually go off without a hitch, but no matter how much you plan, something can always go horribly wrong. The answer? Vacation insurance. We know, we know—it’s an added, often unused cost. But just like any major high-value investment, having insurance can soften the impact of any unforeseen mishaps.

So before you jet off to your next destination, we suggest reaching out to your broker to help pick the right kind of travel insurance for your trip. We’ve listed the most common types to get you started: read more.  

Think of travel insurance as a small investment with high value. Yes, it’s not the most exciting part of trip planning. Yes, it’s an additional expense. But your peace of mind is priceless. At PROLINK, we can help you to travel with ease, comfort, and the confidence of knowing we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive insurance plans for HRPA  members.

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