The Importance of Persistence

The Importance of Persistence

The Importance of Persistence

If at first you don’t succeed… keep sending out those resumes

Sometimes, job opportunities pop up where we least expect them – we get lucky, and receive a job offer without even searching!

But as most of us know, those fairy-tale job matches are the exception, not the rule. In reality, most of our job searches will involve a lot of time, a lot of work, and a lot of persistence.

Your job search wasn’t built in a day, and as with most things in life, success is the sum of many repeated efforts. Perhaps more than any other factor, persistence truly is the key to a successful search.

Hand-in-hand with persistence is the importance of discipline. These two qualities are invaluable to the search process – and the open secret it that while it may seem like more work, persistence will actually shorten and expedite your job search.

Look at it this way. If you send out some resumes here and there, sure – you may get a call or two, even an interview. But if your efforts are sporadic and haphazard, chances are your job leads will be sporadic too.

Set weekly targets you want to achieve! If you commit to sending out 30 or 40 resumes and making 10 cold calls and 10 follow-up calls every single week, chances are good that you will start to see results much faster. Setting measurable goals and sticking to them is a critical piece to making that progress. And once you’ve hit your goal, you know you’ve earned a break that weekend – whereas if you haven’t met your goals, taking breaks will lengthen the search process… and if you’re like me, it will lurk in the back of your mind while you’re trying to enjoy your time off.

Another key point when it comes to persistence is to keep on with your networking. Make sure you tell people you are looking for a job – and ask if you can send them a copy of your resume. Most of the time, they may not pass it on, but you never know when the stars may align and they just so happen to come across an opportunity for you.

If you’re persistent enough, you may just take your job search from a frustrating exercise to one where you have multiple offers to choose from. It’s hard work, but persistence always pays off in the end.

By Bob McIndoe

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