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  •  Seven job search resolutions to help you be successful in 2018
    Here are some resolutions to help you with your job search in 2018.
  • Should you continue the search during the holiday season? You bet, and here’s why.
  • Once everything is said and done, what should your next steps be?
  • If you are sending in a resume, chances are good that the first person to see it won’t be a person at all; it will be an algorithm searching for key words and information.
  • How to set salaries that keep your top staff satisfied

  • Several theories have related salary to happiness, but today benefits and remuneration are no longer decisive in choosing a new job.

  • Are you branding yourself effectively for the job search?
  • To interview well, you want to be noticed, remembered, trusted and liked – and you want to create an impression of competence and expertise.
  • In all interviews –regardless of whether it’s for your dream job or not – your objective should be to get a job offer. In fact, you should do anything necessary – as long as it’s legally, ethically and morally appropriate – to get a job offer.
  • Thoroughly preparing for your interview is of the utmost importance – you are, essentially, building the foundation for success.
  • The bottom line of the whole equation is this: if your resume isn’t a stand-out, it’s quite likely to be passed over without a second glance.
  • A good job search isn’t just about clicking through postings online – to find a job that’s the right fit for you, a key ingredient in your search should be networking.
  • Most HR recruiters or hiring managers get an overwhelming response to job postings – stacks upon stacks of resumes to read through. When they are facing a seemingly unending pile of dozens – even hundreds – of applications to sift through, it’s important that yours stands out.