Human Resource / Health & Safety Manager

Human Resources Duties:

  • Identify gaps and update HR policies and procedures in order to be in compliance with different standards;
  • Aid in the implementation of human resources policies, procedures and practices;
  • Provide guidance and advice on policies, procedures, laws, standards and regulations;
  • Coordinate and participate in the recruitment process by preparing ads, screening applications, conducting interviews, completing reference checks and preparing employment offers;
  • Track, input and audit recruitment data/status into internal system.
  • Manage and run the onboarding process such as new employee orientations, facilitating employee adjustment to the new duties, as well as completing the required administrative documents;
  • Maintain records of employee attendance, leave and overtime to calculate pay and benefit entitlements, using manual or computerized systems;
  • Provide payroll related information on a timely and accurate manner;
  • Plan, coordinate and administer all aspects of training programs for all the departments as required;
  • Maintain employee personnel files, ensuring they are up to date and complete with all required documents.

Health & Safety Duties:

  • Develop and execute health and safety plans in the workplace according to legal guidelines
  • Prepare and enforce policies to establish a culture of health and safety
  • Evaluate practices, procedures and facilities to assess risk and adherence to the law
  • Monitor compliance to policies and laws by inspecting employees and operations
  • Inspect equipment and machinery to observe possible unsafe conditions
  • Investigate accidents or incidents to discover causes and handle worker’s compensation claims
  • Recommend solutions to issues, improvement opportunities or new prevention measures

Skills & Experience:

  • Proven experience as an HR coordinator and Health and Safety coordinator (3-5 Years Min.)
  • Deep understanding of legal health and safety guidelines
  • Ability in producing reports and developing relevant policies
  • Good knowledge of data analysis and risk assessment
  • Excellent organizational and motivational skills
  • Outstanding attention to detail and observation ability
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities
  • BSc/BA in safety management or relevant field is preferred
  • Valid qualification/certification in occupational health and safety

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